Architecture & Urbanism

Taillandier Architectes Associés

Taillandier Architectes Associés

Founded in 1993 by Pierre-Louis Taillandier, Taillandier Architectes Associés (TAA) is an architecture and urbanism agency. TAA is an open-minded organization, working side by side with private and public partners.

Architectural Visualization

L’Atelier des Chimères

L’Atelier des Chimères

Since 2017, L'Atelier has been providing numerical visualization solutions (virtual tours, videos, images, 3D mockups, 360° views) created by a skilled and passionate team.

Economy & Construction

les économistes associés

Economy of Construction

Les Économistes Associés is a practice dedicated to economy of construction. Founded in 2019, LÉA offers competitive solutions for architects, engineering firms, private and public developers and construction companies.

AMSO Consulting was founded in 2012 by Pierre-Louis Taillandier, architect & urbanist. AMSO is a cross-disciplinary group, offering strong abilities in architecture, urbanism, architectural visualization, project management, economy of construction, building coordination and BIM management. AMSO is composed of highly specialized branches : TAA, a urbanism and architecture agency (Toulouse, Bordeaux, Montpellier);  L'Atelier des Chimères ; and three entities dedicated to economy, engineering and construction. 
Moving out from shadow to light in a few years, AMSO Consulting is built upon a very professional and complementary structure, in order to provide highly integrated solutions to those who put their trust in our hands.

Ressources humaines
Human ressources
Finance advisory
Service juridique
Legal aid

AMSO Consulting gathers operative skills which are essential to efficiently manage the different specialized branches of the group. By taking over the listed supportive functions, AMSO releases the corporate pressure, freeing its affilates to focused only on their core activities.

Système d'information
Information system
years of experience in architecture & urbanism
€ 7,2
millions of turnover in 2017
private & public clients
highly qualified collaborators
42 Rue de Cugnaux
31300 Toulouse
05 61 14 85 14